Photo Blurt #34, Easter Food Shenanigans that a dog bone?
The only Easter tradition that remains at Chez Saleski is the morning breakfast, which involves babka bread, hard-boiled eggs, kielbasa, and horseradish. Instead of making a babka, we bought a Portugese Easter bread from Amarals Bakery. Very tasty. TheWife™ was disturbed to find two eggs — yes, in the shells — cooked into the center of the bread.

I decided to make fresh horseradish again this year. There’s nothing like it. Don’t be fooled by those jars that say things like “super hot” or “thermonuclear” on the label. Fresh is the only way to go.

So we bought a piece of root at the grocery store. It was sort of embarrassing because this randy little devil was the only one that fit our needs. The other were all gigantic. We giggled while wrapping it in a plastic bag in the produce section. Further hilarity ensued at the checkout where the slack-jawed kid didn’t know what it was. “Uh…is this a dog bone?”

Sheesh, kids these days.

Anyway, I cleaned and peeled the root this morning, chopped it up into smallish pieces, and then fired up the food processor. A tablespoon of white vinegar and pinch of salt is all it took. Hint: do NOT eat a teaspoon of this stuff directly after grinding. Yikes, I think it gave me brain damage. I can’t believe my grandmother used to grate this stuff by hand. My dad used to tell me that all of the kids would leave the house when she did that. Believe it!

The Final Product

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  1. Lisa McKay Says:

    Uh… it doesn’t look like a dog bone to me.

    But, phallic vegetables aside, we like horseradish with our corned beef, so when I made our annual St. Patrick’s feast, I bought a bottle and inadvertently picked up the hot kind. It was too hot for me to eat, seriously, and I’m not a sissy. Really.

    I can’t even imagine what the fresh stuff must be like, but I do have a newfound respect for your sinuses, Mark.

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