Photo Blurt #40, Dinner at Chez Saleski

Dinner at Chez Saleski
I have been given a decent share of grief about my recent conversion to vegetarianism. Actually, it was not a full conversion, as I will still eat fish (though even that has turned out to mean: shrimp and scallops). Anyway, part of said grief is the disbelief that vegetarian food can be “good”, as if all I’ll ever be eating are salads and cottage cheese (Note: TheWifeâ„¢ will not put up with cottage cheese).

I made this last night. It doesn’t have a name (though I’m willing to bet that a certain cousin of mine will call it “Yuck!”). There is no recipe though I should probably try to write down what I did so that future attempts will be this yummy.

A vegetarian friend of mine recently commented that vegetarian cooking can require more prep time and that is certainly true. This dish has four main parts:

  • garbanzo beans, marinated (4 hours) in olive oil, garlic, cayenne, corriander, and smoked sea salt
  • brown basmati rice, spiced with safron and oregano
  • onions, caramelized and torqued up with red pepper flakes
  • cherry tomatoes, marinated for a bit in a little balsamic vinegar and mirin

2 Responses to “Photo Blurt #40, Dinner at Chez Saleski”

  1. Jeff Says:

    yuk…I love you cuz

  2. Mat Brewster Says:

    I have to admit my conversion to vegetarianism hasn’t gone well. Partly because the cook here doesn’t really do veggie and I’m not about to cross her, but mostly because I’m too used to ordering meat dishes. I see curry chicken on a menu and I just go for it.

    I’m hoping that once we’re back in the states we’ll cook more and I’ll be able to phase out most of the animals from my diet. Still it will be hard.

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